It all started…

No matter how hard he tried to believe,he couldn’t trust his eyes. Blinking for the thousandth time he didn’t want to believe he was seeing. A big bunch of enormous flying lizards were just before his eyes. but how can it be true,he was just wondering this. a night before he was drinking wine and now he found himself between loads of greenry and flying lizards.the spaceship he took was destined for planet xous ,a planet full of creatures like him but now he was between full of strange creatures and no one like him .He thought he was still in hangover of last night but hours passed and the creatures were still there sleeping. He wandered to find someone but all could he find were more giant creatures. He started to remember his past life, how lavish he was , a huge vila in planet vosos , 3 space ships and five alien robodogs . He was the biggest wine dealer in the whole galaxy and had 2 planets especially for wine making. In the mean time a flying lizard came to him trying to catch him. He ran and ran but the lizard was still after him. He had a lean figure but he couldn’t match the speed of lizard. Suddenly an arrow was shot from a distance hitting the lizard in its eyes. RUN , a voice was heard from a cave……. 

                                           To be continued